What Is a Transmission Flush?

What Is a Transmission Flush? Faulkner Toyota Trevose

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on under the hood of your car? Or what are the best methods for keeping your transmission in tip-top shape?

At Faulkner Toyota Trevose, we’d like to introduce you to the world of transmission flushes! This article will explain what transmission flushes are, how they can benefit your vehicle, and why they are important for drivers in Trevose, Philadelphia, and Bensalem, PA. Contact us today with any questions.

What Is a Transmission Flush: The Process

What Is a Transmission Flush? Faulkner Toyota TrevoseAfter a long evening of cooking up a storm, you get to work on cleaning the dishes. While you scrub your pots and pans, you rinse the food gunk into the sink and clear it through the garbage disposal.

Put simply, a transmission flush is like rinsing your pots: it flushes out your transmission to clear all of the muck, sludge, and varnish.

When a technician performs the flush, they will replace your transmission fluid using a cooler line flushing machine or pump inlet. Afterward, the transmission pan is inspected for cleanliness and new transmission fluid is added.

Depending on your vehicle, a flush may or may not be required. Some newer vehicles advise against it, so be sure to check with our technicians on the best practices for your model.

If you would like to learn more about how this might apply to you, give us a call and our expert team will answer all your questions.

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Benefits of Transmission Flush

When your vehicle undergoes a transmission flush, it is being afforded a multitude of advantages. Let’s break down some of the most prominent perks.

When your transmission parts are cleaned, they are more likely to run smoothly. Additionally, clearing old transmission fluid can remove deposit build-up, which improves shifting and performance.

Finally, a transmission flush acts as a preventative measure in making your car less likely to need a premature transmission replacement. If you are interested in reaping the benefits of transmission flushes, stop by our dealership to speak with a service technician!

Should I Get a Transmission Flush?

What Is a Transmission Flush? Faulkner Toyota TrevoseAs mentioned earlier, some vehicles may benefit from a transmission flush more than others. If your car falls into any of these categories, you may want to consider a flush to extend your transmission life and improve its function:

  • Older, used cars with unknown maintenance records
  • Cars that have recently had a major internal transmission repair

Even if your car does not fall into these categories, it still may be worth asking an expert to see if your vehicle qualifies. For most cars, a transmission flush is recommended every 30,000-50,000 miles. Think your vehicle is in need of a transmission flush? Drop us a line here!

Get Your Car’s Transmission Flushed Today

At Faulkner Toyota Trevose, our expert team is ready to lend a hand and give your car a transmission flush. We want your drives around Trevose, Philadelphia, and Bensalem, Pennsylvania, to be relaxing and stress-free. So, schedule a service appointment and we’ll get your transmission flushed in an efficient manner.

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