Tire Service Near Me

Tire Service Near Me

The team at Faulkner Toyota Trevose knows how important a good set of tires are on any vehicle. That’s because they’re what gets your car moving around Trevose, Philadelphia, and Bensalem. They also provide traction on slippery surfaces, and help bring your vehicle safely to a stop.

That’s why it’s vital to make sure your tires are always in top-quality condition. In this guide, we’ll go over the various work that we provide for these important car parts. Plus, we’ll tell you how you can schedule tire service near you today.

Types of Tire Service

There are various types of tire services that your automobile may need at some point. These can include:

  • Tire rotations
  • Wheel balancing
  • Wheel alignments

A tire rotation is when you move the tires from its current spot to a different one on the vehicle. This is done to help prevent the tires from wearing unevenly.

Then there’s a wheel balancing. When there are heavy spots on the tire, it can start to wobble a bit, which makes your ride a bit rough. So, this service will add weights to the wheel to balance everything out.

Finally, there’s a wheel alignment (otherwise known as a tire alignment). Contrary to its name, you’re not actually adjusting the wheels or the tires. Instead, you adjust the suspension, which connects the car to the wheels. This service has many benefits, including the prevention of uneven wear.

When Is a Tire Replacement Needed?

The above services should be done on a regular basis to help extend your tires’ lifespan. However, there will be a time when the tires need to be replaced.

Tire Service Near Me

For instance, tire tread will wear away over time. When it gets to be about 2/32 inches, then the tread is too worn. A good way to check tread depth is with a penny. Stick the coin upside down into the tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, then it’s time for a new tire.

If your tires keep their tread, they could last as long as 10 years. However, after that point, they should be replaced, regardless of their current state.

Schedule Tire Service at Faulkner Toyota Today!

If a tire repair or replacement is needed near Trevose, Philadelphia, or Bensalem, you won’t want to put it off. Schedule tire service at Faulkner Toyota Trevose, and we’ll get your tires in great shape again in no time.

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