How to Prep Your Car for Winter

How to Prep Your Car for Winter

You’ve felt that first morning chill in the air. Winter is coming. Everyone has their routines to prepare for winter, like getting those puffy coats out of the closet or making sure your furnace works properly. But what about your vehicle? Prepping your car for winter helps you get the most out of your car and drive safer on those snowy days.

Faulkner Toyota Trevose has put together this guide to help drivers from Trevose, Philadelphia, and Bensalem, PA, prep their cars for winter. Be sure to contact us today with any questions.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

Winter Car InspectionThere are a few things you can do to prep your car for winter. One that covers a lot of bases is getting your vehicle inspected. An inspection will allow you to get a look at your entire vehicle as a technician will tell you if there are any potential problems. If there are, you can get them taken care of before winter hits.

Need to drive in the snow? Consider installing winter tires for the season. Winter tires have deeper, more flexible treads than standard tires, which can help with traction. These tires are also more likely to withstand the cold.

While you’re focused on your tires, check your tire pressure regularly. Tire pressure can drop when it gets cold. When tire pressure drops, you not only use more gas to get around, but you also make your tires less durable.

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Helpful Items to Keep in Your Vehicle During Winter

During the winter, it can help to keep a couple of things in your vehicle in case the unexpected happens. The first is an ice scraper to make sure you can clear off your windows in the mornings before work and whenever else you might need to.

Consider creating a winter emergency kit. This kit can be kept in your car in case of bad weather. This kit can include things you might already keep in your car, like jumper cables, a first aid kit, and a cellphone charger. Other things to include in a kit like this include:

  • Basic tool kit
  • Bag of kitty litter or sand for traction
  • Extra clothes or blankets
  • Flashlight
  • Water

Our Service Center

Auto Service CenterWant to get your vehicle looked over before winter hits or get those snow tires installed? Our service center is here to help. Our technicians can handle it all, from oil changes and inspections to tire rotations and even more complex maintenance, like transmission repairs.

We know that you’re busy, and that’s why our service center offers Toyota Express Maintenance. Our technicians will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Our Toyota Express Maintenance services include regular maintenance items, like oil changes, brake inspections, tire rotations, fluid level checks, and multi-point inspections. You can schedule a service appointment online or give us a call.

We Can Help You Prepare for Winter

If you’re in Trevose, Philadelphia, or Bensalem, Pennsylvania, and have questions about other ways to prepare your vehicle for winter or schedule routine maintenance, come by Faulkner Toyota Trevose. Our technicians will answer any questions you have and make sure you’re prepared for the snowy season ahead. Give us a call today!