Brake Repair Near Me

Brake Repair Near Me

At Faulkner Toyota Trevose, we want to make sure your vehicle keeps you safe around Trevose, Philadelphia, and Bensalem. That’s why we perform all types of brake repair near you, which we’ll go over below.

Continue reading to learn about the various brake services that we provide and contact us when it’s time to get your braking system looked at.

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Types of Brake Service

A braking system is composed of many moving parts, from the brake pads to the rotors to the calipers. Each one needs to be in good working order to help keep you safe on the road.

That’s why it’s important to know about the different types of brake service that are out there. They can include:

  • Bleeding brakes
  • Rewiring brake lights
  • Brake relining
  • Changing the brake pads

By getting one or more of these services when needed, you can ensure that your vehicle will have maximum stopping power at all times.

When to Replace Brake Pads

All of the above brake work needs to be done at various times. That can depend on weather, driving habits, and more.

Brake Repair near Me

One of the most common types of brake service is replacing the brake pads. This could be done every 25,000 to 50,000 miles. Some vehicles could even go more than 70,000 miles before needing new brakes pads.

As we mentioned, there are several factors that determine when a replacement is needed. For instance, if you constantly ride the brakes or stop abruptly, then the pads can wear down faster than usual. This is especially the case in stop-and-go city traffic, where frequent braking is the norm.

If you hear screeching or squealing noises, or the brake pedal pushes all the way to floor, then the brake pads should be replaced as soon as possible. This is regardless if you’ve reached the certain number of miles yet or not.

Schedule Brake Repair near You Today

If you need any type of brake repair or replacement, then schedule service at Faulkner Toyota Trevose. Our technicians will get to work right away, so you can have a well-performing automobile again in no time.

So, don’t wait. Schedule brake repair at our Toyota dealership near Trevose, Philadelphia, and Bensalem today!

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